About me

I'm 42 years old, was born, and live, in Paisley in the west of Scotland. I've worked at the Greenock Telegraph for Clyde and Forth Press for around 18 years - designing adverts.

In August 2007 I started entering their photo-manipulation contests. This helped revive some old artistic skills and I've learned a hell of a lot about Photoshop since then.

A while back I became more interested Illustration contests - ones where no photo sources are used and normally the entire image is drawn from scratch. I then started to get more and more comfortable using Painter 11 as my main digital art tool.

I'm still learning new stuff every day and trying to refine techniques. I thought a website to display my progress might be interesting. and if nothing else will serve as a place for me to store all my images. I also plan to create some tutorials covering some of the techniques I've picked up, as well as some WIPs (work in progress) animations.