The Mechanical Achilles (Issue 38 Fantasy Artist). The brief for this commission was to look at steampunk technology - specifically how a large robot might be constructed. Blender was used to come up with a few variations and to help me visualise how things like cogs and gears would look at various angles. The painting was then created using Corel's Painter 12.
Troll (Issue 36 Fantasy Artist).The commission for this one was fairly simple: Paint a slightly sad and melancholic troll. I had great fun creating this one in Corel's Painter 12 - and managed to capture the process in video at the same time.
Attack on Cloud Station 7 (Issue 35 Fantasy Artist). This commission was on how to to combine 3D work (Blender) and 2D work (Painter 12) to create an image of a peaceful looking space station being attacked.
Cheat Guide: Skies (Issue 34 Digital Artist). The brief in this one was to create a dramatic sky for a short "Cheat Guide" article in the magazine.
No Goggles (Issue 30 Digital Artist). This is a steampunk image painted for Digital Artist magazine in Painter 12. 
Girl with a Green Top (Issue 29 Digital Artist). This is a digital painting of my attempt at Divisionist colours. The idea was that solid opaque strokes of colour would be optically blended by the eye.
Wrong Side of the Wall (Issue 27 Digital Artist). This is another piece combining 3D and 2D... in this case Google's free SketchUp program and Corel's Painter 12.
Reminders of the Past (Issue 24 Digital Artist). This was for a tutorial on how to paint using the Expressionist style in Painter 12.
A Night on the Town (Issue 15 Digital Artist). A steampunkesque image with nods to Blade Runner.
RoseusCephalopod (Issue 12 Digital Artist). This commission was to explore Painter 12's Airbrush variants in a tutorial.
Q&A Atmospheric Perspective (Issue 10 Digital Artist). This one was for a short Q&A feature on using atmospheric perspective in a digital painting.
Permission to Approach (Issue 3 Digital Artist).
Cheat Guide: Alien Skin (Issue 2 Digital Artist). A quick cheat guide in the magazine on how to create alien skin in Painter and Photoshop.

I'm not sure what I've done with the original file for this one... backed up on some hard drive or other. This was for issue 115 of Photoshop Creative magazine.

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